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Choose The CaddieBasket PRO Package That Is Right For You!

Since our inception, CaddieBasket GOLF has partnered with some of the Premier Golf Academies and Golf Instructors in the U.S. who value a tool which allows for convenience and immediate feedback for their students.  This is crucial for correcting faults that many times are only recognized in the slo-motion video analysis of a golf swing.  We also understand that at times, it's a challenge to provide personal one-on-one attention during a summer golf camp or at a busy golf academy, and this is where we can help. 


By offering the CaddieBasket PRO at your facility, it allows the students to line one up on their own, while they wait for you to finish with another student.  If they are just there to train, establish a checkout system, check one out to them and let them send you the video that you can review it as soon as you have time.  Our goal is to make golf fun and alleviate some of the frustrations that come with our great game.  Providing them with a training accessory that is functional and  engaging, will only help them to better their game and keep them coming back....and we all know that an engaged golfer becomes a better golfer.  Remember, good golfers spread the word and that's what we like to hear. 



 CaddieBasket PRO packages with your own laser etched logo are available.  Contact us with any questions on custom logos for your program.