CaddieBasket Golf Founder David Simmons

"The CaddieBasket exists out of need and the convenience factor. I searched locally and online for months and could not find a single product that does what the CaddieBasket does."


-David Simmons


At CaddieBasket GOLF, we believe there is a better, more efficient way to practice and train for golf.  Your time is valuable and we get that, so we created a training accessory that allows for organization, immediate feedback and functionality to help you achieve your lowest golf scores possible.  Efficiency and making great swing videos is integral to finding that missing piece to lower scores and lower scores makes for fun on the links.  Here at CaddieBasket GOLF you're not just making a purchase, but getting a partnership and we hope to play a role in your journey.


The CaddieBasket Story:

I had once entered a member/guest tournament only to have my back go out as I reached for my first ball to warm up.  I had just paid $350.00 for the tournament and I could hardly sit in the cart let alone swing a club.  After that tournament, I went home and sketched out a basket that elevates balls to waist height instead of needing to bend to pick them up then digging around to find a tee.  I put it in my book of other ideas and like the rest, forgot about it.  A few years later, I was suffering migraine headaches that lasted days where I had to sit in a closet for hours at a time.  I eventually went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Valentine's day 2014.  This tumor was the size of your pinky nail but it was pushing on the base of my brain giving me headaches and high blood pressure.  At this time I was getting serious about golf, playing 3-4 rounds a week and when the doctor told me my recovery would take 3-6 months I thought "what about my golf game?"  I bought a long putter during recovery and as soon as I received the  orders to resume light excercise,  but still no bending down, I put a brutal prototype together using my wife's wicker basket that she used to hold decorative soaps and filed a provisional patent.  It received some strange looks on the practice green as it sat atop a golf shaft, but it did the trick.  Soon so many golfer's were asking about it, I made a full working prototype.  I said to myself if 100 people comment that "it was a good idea" or "I wish I thought of that"  I was going to pursue a full patent and begin focus groups.  38 days later, I was running focus groups and working on the patent.  Here we are now with nationwide distribution really making a difference in golf.  New golfer's love it to record and review their swing, older golfers love the fact that everything is stored at waist height.  I would have to say it's been a grind but aside from my children being born and my wedding day, to see the adaptive golf community use my product and thank me for it, is right up there.  It was worth the grind.